Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures make the biggest difference in the way you look and feel.
Everyone wants a healthy and beautiful smile. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, patients can now greatly improve their teeth and experience a huge difference in the way they look and feel.

Yorkshire Dentistry Dental Care AreaAt Yorkshire Dentistry, our goal is to get the best cosmetic results in the most cost-effective and convenient way possible.  Don’t be embarrassed about your teeth — feel confident sharing your smile with everyone

Teeth Whitening
Our tooth whitening procedure is enamel-safe, effective and fast. Whitening is most effective for teeth that have become discolored due to yellowing from age, tobacco, red wine, coffee or tea.

Invisalign – An Alternative to Braces
Invisalign uses customized, removable trays to gradually guide teeth toward alignment. The trays are comfortable and inconspicuous, bringing you a beautiful smile without the downside of traditional braces.

Bonding and Tooth Repair
We use materials that match the shade and texture of your teeth to close gaps and to eliminate chips and discolorations.

The painless procedure involves applying a thin coat of resin to damaged teeth to make them stronger and to correct discoloration.

Tooth bonding can correct many of the same problems porcelain veneers can correct, but instead of being performed on many teeth, it is usually only performed on one or two.

Tooth bonding can correct:

  • Chipped Teeth
  • Stained or Discolored Teeth
  • Gaps in Teeth
  • Broken Teeth
  • Disfigured Teeth
  • Misshaped Teeth
  • Cracked Teeth

Dental Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are custom crafted and bonded to the surface of the teeth. They can improve the color, alignment, size and general appearance of your smile.

Zirconium crowns
Zirconium ceramics are a new option for crowns. Both strong and beautiful, Zirconium has excellent translucency, which allows light to be transmitted through the material. The ceramic draws color from the underlying tooth structure, thus mimicking the natural beauty of teeth.

Dental contouring is minor filing to soften the edges of teeth. This procedure is ideal for people with crooked, chipped or overlapping teeth. It’s a safe and relatively painless way to improve the look, function and comfort of your smile.

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